Green Products for a Blue Planet



Truly "green" cleaning products

that actually work!

Introducing BlueGreen Kleen™: an advanced, ecologically friendly chemical cleaning system unlike any other, providing safe, powerfully efficient and incredibly effective products allowing you to achieve and easily maintain Ultra Clean & Odor Free surfaces and environments.


More than five years in development and rigorous real-world comparative testing has produced the finest professional grade, highest performing "green" cleaning products available in the marketplace today.


Our teams combined professional experience exceeds five decades in the commercial cleaning industry. We and our clients depend on BlueGreen products every day to earn a living and take care of our families.



Simply put... when using BlueGreen products you will spend less money, expend less effort, and accomplish more work using less product than you have ever experienced with competitive cleaners.



BlueGreen products have been purposefully designed to be completely green compliant and are therefore 100% environmentally safe and non-hazardous to humans and animals!

BlueGreen Kleen™ Product Suite

Heavy Duty Degreaser
Alkaline: Fat, Oil and Grease Remover

BlueGreen  Heavy Duty Degreaser is a professional grade, high performance, restorative strength high alkaline cleaner that attacks oily dirt, grease and grime and destroys foul odors on contact! Produces ultra-clean surfaces with no detectible chemical residue; no streaks, spots, or malodor. Frequent use actually prevents the gradual accumulation of unsightly, difficult-to-remove chemical/soil residues.

Septic Digester

Bio-catalytic Remediator


BlueGreen  Septic Digester is composed of a proprietary synergistic blend of naturally occurring microorganisms, enzymes, bio-stimulants, stabilizers, and surfactants, the product is an environmentally safe, highly effective treatment program designed to resolve a multitude of problems with Drain Lines, Septic Systems, Leach Fields, Vault Toilettes, Port-a-Potties, Grease Traps, and Waste Ponds.

Neutral: Hard Surface Cleaner

BlueGreen  Daily Hard Surface Cleaner is a professional grade, high performance, general purpose neutral cleaner that attacks oily dirt, grease and grime and destroys foul odors on contact! Produces ultra-clean surfaces with no detectible chemical residue; no streaks, spots, or malodor. Frequent use actually prevents the gradual accumulation of unsightly, difficult-to-remove chemical/soil residues.

3 in 1
Acidic: Cleaner, Descaler, Stain Remover

BlueGreen  3-in-1 Cleaner is a professional grade, high performance, restorative strength acidic formula featuring a multi-action / multi-mode ability that will effectively outperform traditional acid-based cleaning products by safely removing deeply embedded, encrusted and polymerized contamination composed of fat, oil, grease, algae, mold, mildew, soap scum, mineral scale, rust and surface hazing (efflorescence).


Extreme Odor Eliminator

BlueGreen Quell is an incredibly effective scentless and non-toxic odor eliminator that performs at the molecular level to disrupt and destroy mal-odor. Quell will instantaeously eliminate organically generated odors (such as human and animal urine, vomit, feces, body odor, decay, smoke, mold & mildew) on contact. Quell is appropriate for use on all types of hard surfaces and soft surfaces such as carpet, upholstery and fabrics (not harmed by water).

One Shot

Wide Spectrum Odor Counteractant / Eliminator


BlueGreen One Shot is an Extremely Concentrated, Professional Strength Formula that effectively removes odors related to cigarettes, cigars, marijuana, pets, humans, cooking, mold & mildew, sanitation related odors and more. Literally One Micro-Atomized Burst eliminates mal-odors in a medium sized room for days and a car for weeks. This is the strongest, most cost-effective product available.



BlueGreen Systems  is a product design and development company. We specialize in the creation of custom formulated "green" cleaning and odor abatement products that far surpass the performance attributes offered by traditional product choices.


Our management team has more than five decades of experience in the Professional Cleaning Industry. Contract Cleaning, Tile & Grout Restoration, Carpet Restoration, Pool Decks, Hotels, Extended Stays, Nursing Homes… the worst situations imaginable, and we have done this for decades. So, we feel it’s reasonable to say that, we understand what the Professional Cleaner expects from the products they choose to use to earn a living with in order to take care of his or her family. Bottom line: you want to get the job done right the first time, go home early and get paid by a very satisfied client. 


Meeting and, when possible, exceeding that expectation is not a challenge it is a necessity to us and one that we take very seriously because we know what is at stake… your health, your money, your time and your family.


Select BlueGreen products with confidence. You will see and smell the difference on day one and so will your clients.




BlueGreen products are based on a proprietary technology platform which enables us to deliver a combination of performance attributes unique to the cleaning industry.


· 100% Environmentally Safe

· Non Hazardous to humans and animals

· Delivering Unmatched Performance

· Economical and easy to use


All BlueGreen products are multi-purpose (can be used to clean different surfaces), multi-mode (can be used for both restorative and maintenance applications) and multi-action (can clean in different and complimentary ways).  This is achieved by combining the following:


The power of biological cleaning action. We use natures own cleaning mechanisms to rapidly degrade organic compounds. Succeeding waves of biological agents break down, remove and consume organic residues in a unique cascading effect, producing a continuous deep cleaning action that is both rapid and persistent, continuing long after mechanical efforts have ceased.


The selectively-corrosive effectiveness of organic acids. Unlike mineral acids (hydrochloric, sulfuric, etc.), organic acids combine deep cleaning power (for hard-to-clean scale, rust, stains and mineral deposits) with safety and ease of use. No gloves, masks or other protective gear are needed, as with most conventional acidic cleaners on the market, as they are non-corrosive to skin tissue.


The speed of catalytic enhanced bio-based renewable surfactants. These enable rapid suspension and release of surface and deep porosity residues. The combined bio-chemical constituents work together effectively to create ultra-clean and odor free cleaning results.

Nothing cleans deeper and removes mal-odors more effectively than BlueGreen products.


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